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Diamonds in the Dark® are a revolutionary new range of Lagerstroemias.

They feature flawless near-black foliage that emerges in early spring, followed by masses of vivid blooms from summer until first frost. When planted en masse the Lagerstroemia Diamonds in the Dark® range creates a vibrant show of colour.

The range grows to 3m x 2.5m in height and width. Their compact growth habit makes attractive flowering hedges or beautiful trees to line your driveway or fence. The Diamonds in the Dark® Range are perfect for planting in decorative pots to place on your deck, porch or balcony. Diamonds in the Dark® are deciduous plants and will generally lose their foliage between late autumn and mid winter, stunning new growth will re appear in spring. Note: Times of bloom and new growth may vary from state to state depending on climate and conditions. For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Key features include…

  • Flawless near black foliage
  • Grows to 3m x 2.5m
  • Beautiful as a garden specimen
  • Vibrant and colourful hedge


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Care tips for your Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtles.

Here are some great care tips for your Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtles…

  • Plant in full sun, water thoroughly every other day for first month to help establish.
  • Prune in late winter / early spring while deciduous.
  • Fertilise late winter and late summer with an all purpose fertiliser.

If you’re after more information, head to our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Where to Buy

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Where to buy?

The Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtle Range are available seasonally from plant retail outlets.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page ( to be notified for further information regarding release dates.




Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtles?

Bunnings stores or enquire at your local Garden Centre. Crepe Myrtles are dormant in most areas through the cooler months and may not be available during this time. Their main availability will be December to April.

What is the best location to plant my Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtle?

For best results, Diamonds in The Dark® Crepe Myrtles prefer a full sun position with good air circulation. They will grow in part shade but the number of flowers and the colour of foliage and flower will be sacrificed a little. A full sun position means the area receives no less than 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. If the foliage of your Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtle is turning greenish, this would indicate the location is too shaded.

What soil type are they best suited to?

The Diamonds in The Dark® Crepe Myrtles are adaptable to a wide range of soil types. They would generally prefer a well-drained acidic soil with the pH between 5 and 6.5, but will survive well in most soil types.

Can Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtles be grown in pots?

Absolutely, Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtles will perform well in a pot. Pot size will determine how long they can stay in the same pot but when they get too big for the one they are in either go up a size or two, or remove the tree in winter, trim the roots and the plant then re pot into the same pot with fresh soil. Always ensure you use a well-draining, quality potting mix.

How much water do they need?

The Diamonds in The Dark® Crepe Myrtles are drought tolerant once established.  To establish any tree a deep soaking once a week is generally sufficient, but other factors come in to play like soil type, weather etc. Lessen the amount of water you give them over winter as they are dormant.

It is important to keep the water up to them whilst they are actively growing through the hotter months of November, December and January, especially from a young age. With pruning in early spring this will ensure you get plenty of flowers through the summer months.

When should I fertilise my Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtle?

Crepe Myrtles flower on their new growth, to encourage this growth you should fertilise with a high nitrogen fertiliser. The first application should be in mid-October as the plants are starting to grow most actively. Repeat the application in mid-December for sustained feeding all summer.

My Crepe Myrtles flowers are not the same colour as I expected, how do I get their true colour?

There will be slight variances in a Crepe Myrtles flower colours due to a number of factors, some you can control, some you cannot. They love full sun, a Crepe Myrtle planted in shade will have a slightly different shade of colour in their flowers to one in full sun.

Weather can play a big part in flower colour also, something you cannot control. Where we get Hot and then Cooler conditions the flowers may open with a splash of pink (noticeable more so on Pure White).

Should I prune my Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtles and if so when?

This depends on what sort of plant you want, but they will benefit from being pruned. Prune by at least a third of each branch depending on whether you want a Tree or Shrub.  If you want a tree with a single stem prune any side branches and leave one straight stem to the height you want, then take the top out of that. Pruning encourages more branching and therefore more flowers as they flower on current seasons growth.

Prune in late winter or Early Spring, just as the leaf buds are starting to emerge.

My Crepe Myrtle is producing shoots from the soil around the base of the trunk – is this normal?

This is described as suckering, and is completely normal with Crepe Myrtles. To control the suckers, simply prune them off when you notice them. Less suckering will occur as the tree grows older.


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